Spokesperson: Biden’s administration is not continuing Trump’s policies on Western Sahara

Washington D.C. (USA) 10 June 2021 (SPS)- US State Department spokesperson, Ned Price, affirmed on Wednesday that Biden’s administration is not continuing former President Donald Trump's policies on Western Sahara and the Middle East, when asked by journalist about Washington's continued recognition of Moroccan claims to Western Sahara.

Denying journalist’s suggestion that Biden is keeping up with his predecessor’s policies on the conflict, Price said that “I would certainly take issue with the characterisation that there's been a continuity, including when it comes to our approach towards the region from the last administration."

“When it comes to Western Sahara, we're consulting privately with the parties about how best to halt the violence and achieve a lasting settlement. I don't have anything further to announce at this time," he said.

A reporter had asked the spokesperson how the administration can reconcile its rhetorical push for multilateralism in a move away from Trump's policies while still recognising Moroccan sovereignty over the disputed territory, but Price didn’t agree with this suggestion.

When journalists pushed back against Price's claim - stressing that the administration of President Joe Biden is keeping up with the Trump approach, including by encouraging normalisation - the spokesperson insisted that there is "very little continuity" of previous policies on the Middle East. 

It should be recalled that Trump had openly violated international law and consensus and jeopardize the UN process of pushing for a referendum on self-determination in Western Sahara, in return for Morocco joining few other Arab countries in normalising relations with Israel as part of what Trump called a “deal”.

Biden’s administration has shown little agreements lately with Moroccan attempts to imply USA recognition of its sovereignty over Western Sahara as promised before by Trump.

The current administration didn’t open a consulate in occupied Western Sahara as promised by Trump, nor did it accept Moroccan attempts to organize “Africa Lion 2021” military exercises in Saharawi occupied territories despite Moroccan government’s and army’s propaganda about the organization of part of these exercise in occupied Mahbes region.(SPS)

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