Saharawi Foreign Affairs Ministry refutes fallacies and lies in Moroccan counterpart’s statement

Bir Lehlou (Saharawi Republic) 01 June 2021 (SPS)- Saharawi Ministry for Foreign Affairs refuted Today the fallacies and lies included in the Moroccan occupying power’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, issued Monday.


Following is the full text of the Press Release:


Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic

Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Press Release


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Occupying Power issued a statement Today explaining the deep reasons and motives that led to the aggression and reckless behavior shown by Morocco towards Spain and other countries that contradicts the classic and usual behaviors in international relations to resolve disputes and conflicts that may arise between members of the international community.

In this regard, we must point out the following observations about what was declared in the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the occupying power:

1- Morocco is now putting the recognition of its sovereignty over Western Sahara, as a condition in its bilateral relations with others. The Moroccan statement used on this occasion an explicit language inaugurating a new stage in the Moroccan diplomacy. Starting from today, the Alawite Royal Palace accepts nothing less than Trump's tweet, which was born dead, because it is legally invalid and contrary to international legality, and thus rejected by international and regional organizations, and even opposed by distinguished American actors.

2- The Moroccan statement constitutes a clear declaration, to the whole world, that relations of trust, friendship and cooperation with Rabat inevitably result from the public support for the Moroccan military occupation of Western Sahara and the frank recognition of this same without hesitation.

3- The statement tries to clean up the bad image of the Moroccan regime resulting from its deliberate trampling and violation of all legal and humanitarian principles committed in the vicious process of pushing thousands of innocent Moroccan citizens to death within an open strategy of blackmail and pressure.

4- The statement also constituted a new opportunity for the Moroccan occupier to to pass its miserable propaganda aimed at putting all kinds of framed accusations against the struggle of the Sahrawi people and its usual fallacies against the Sahrawi cause, using the presence of the President of the Republic, Secretary General of the Front, Mr. Brahim Ghali, in Spain to get medical treatment from Covid 19, as an excuse

5- On the other hand, the Moroccan Foreign Ministry’s statement does not conceal Morocco’s perspective of justice and the judiciary, betrayed by a lack of intelligence when it tried to give lessons to the Spanish justice on democracy and methods of litigation, hoping it will act like the Moroccan justice, which is well-known internationally by its courts that are nothing but an extension of police stations, where assassinations, torture, rape, and unfair sentences are committed?

6- In the statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the occupying power attempted to give the oppressor and the aggressor the status of the victim and to incriminate the oppressed and the aggressed, as if the expansionist Moroccan regime does not differentiate between its internal public opinion, where it propagates the lies it wants, and the international public opinion, which is aware of the real situation and aware of the documented reports of all human rights organizations.


All of the above confirms the following facts:

1- Insanity, recklessness and jitteriness, which have become the usual behavior of the Alawite Royal Palace in Morocco, recently in particular, constitute a logical and inevitable consequence of the agonizing failure that the Moroccan occupier reaped as a result of Mohammed VI's denial of Morocco's obligations related to the settlement plan, signed with the Polisario Front in 1991 during the rule of his father, after 16 years of war.

2- The bet on which the Moroccan Palace has built its strategy and all its hopes evaporated, especially the suspicious Trump’s deals and adventures that resemble gambling, aimed at achieving overwhelming victories that are irrational and illogical. This failure caused the King of Morocco and his team of young men to feel frustrated, and pushed them, because of the devastating results of their actions, to throw accusations in every direction and issue overt threats even against those who did everything in their power for Morocco within the limits that their interests permit at times, and even exceeded those limits on many occasions when they supported Rabat in breaching the international law and International borders, including by their silence about the crimes of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed since 1975 to day against the Sahrawi people.

Therefore, the SADR affirms that the follies of the Moroccan occupier and its actions contrary to all charters and decisions issued by global and regional organizations and Courts are due to:

1 - The failure of the UN Security Council to assume its responsibilities in enabling the MINURSO to carry out the mission for which it was established.

2 - The complicity of influential countries among the Group of 5 known as the “Friends of Western Sahara,” with Morocco’s reneging on the agreement concluded with the Sahrawi party, including via prohibiting the UN mission from taking charge of the human rights situation and natural resources.

3- The silence of well-known capitals about Morocco’s use of drug, illegal immigration, and even involvement with terrorist groups in its relationship with European countries, is what made Morocco believe that it is immune against pressure and can enjoy continuous impunity.

The SADR reaffirms that the continued occupation of parts of the Saharawi national territory by the Kingdom of Morocco, the latter's lack of respect for international borders and the failure of the UN Security Council to fulfill its responsibilities in imposing the completion of the decolonization process in Western Sahara will lead to more heated confrontations and negative repercussions, and unexpected results.

The time has come for Morocco to end its illegal occupation and barbaric aggression against the Sahrawi people. SADR affirms that this is the only way to reach stability and security in the Northwest African region.” (SPS)

090/500/60 (SPS)