Trump’s decision on Western Sahara, “ill-considered” and “dangerous”

Washington, 18 April 2021 (SPS) - UN Former Minister for the Western Sahara, Christopher Ross, said that the decision of Ex-President Donald Trump to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over Sahrawi Territories is “ill-considered” and “dangerous,” calling the United States to return to their prior position in favor of the UN settlement Plan.

In a statement published Saturday on his facebook page, Ross recalled that UN Former Security Minister, John Bolton and him have addressed, on April 14, during a video-conference organized by the New York Bar city Association on the Western Sahara issue and its review by the Trump administration.

The Former American Diplomat reaffirmed his rejection of the Trump decision “given its consequences on three fronts namely, the negotiation process, the region and the U.S. policy.”

Bolton and I called for it to be rescinded. Bolton did so because of his belief that a referendum to determine the territory’s future remains possible and should be held. I did so because of the harm that the decision will cause, said Ross.

"To date, no other major country, not even France, has followed suit, and for good reason. The decision was gratuitous," Ross said.

Normalizing relations between Morocco and the Zionist entity in exchange for U.S. recognition of Moroccan claims to Western Sahara "was not necessary,” he added. 

Relations between Morocco and the Zionist entity "are long-standing and close," although "they have been mostly out of the public eye," he said. (SPS)