Security Council called to examine reasons for failure of settlement plan in Western Sahara

Geneva, 9 April 2021- Member of the Polisario Front Secretariat, Polisario Front representative in Europe and at the EU, Oubi Bouchraya Bachir, said that the Security Council is called to "deeply and objectively" examine the reasons of the UN’s failure, for 30 years, to conclude the settlement plan which will hamper the missions of the next UN envoy, said Tuesday the Sahrawi Press Agency (SPS).

Speaking at a meeting with ambassador members of the Geneva Group on the latest developments in the Sahrawi issue, Bouchraya said that "the conflict in Western Sahara after

November 2020 does not only require the appointment of a UN special envoy to replace former German President, Horst Kohler."

He emphasized, in this context, the impertinence of the appointment of a new envoy to the Western Sahara following the breakdown of the ceasefire last November 13.

Bouchraya further noted the need for the UN Security Council to react appropriately to the new situation in the region. (SPS)