Sahrawi Government: The Moroccan occupying state is the hotbed of terrorism and the source of instability in the region

Chahid El Hafed (Saharawi Republic) 12 March 2021 (SPS)- The Sahrawi government considered, in a statement issued by its Spokesperson Thursday evening, that the Moroccan occupying state is the hotbed of terrorism and the real source of instability in North Africa.

This statement came in response from the Sahrawi government to a statement by the Moroccan Director of the Central Bureau for Judicial Research, published by "Jeunne Afrique" magazine, in which he tried to link the Polisario Front with terrorism The Sahrawi statement recalled that Morocco is indeed the largest producer of cannabis and terrorists, as proved by international reports, and is organically linked to terrorism and its financing.


Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

Ministry of Information

Spokesman for the Sahrawi Government

Press Statement

11 March 2021

The Government of the Sahrawi Republic strongly condemns the statement attributed to the director of the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation of the Moroccan occupying state published recently by Jeune Afrique and reported by some Moroccan media outlets in which he falsely claimed that the Frente POLISARIO was involved in terrorism in the Sahel region.

The Government of the Sahrawi Republic considers this statement to be a desperate attempt by the Moroccan regime to discredit the legitimate liberation struggle waged by the Sahrawi people against the illegal Moroccan occupation of parts of the Sahrawi Republic, which has entered a new phase since 13 November 2020 as a result of the act of aggression carried out by the Moroccan occupying state on the Sahrawi Liberated Territory.

The undeniable fact is that the Moroccan occupying state remains the first exporter not only of cannabis but also of terrorism in our region and beyond. It is well known that more than 2,500 Moroccans, including Europeans of Moroccan origin, have joined terrorist groups in several regions in recent years, as recognised by the occupying state itself.

In addition to what has been revealed by intelligence agencies, several international think tanks, including the Washington Centre for Near East Policy in its 2017 report, have highlighted that the fact that terrorist attacks in London, Paris, Barcelona, Brussels, and Finland were almost exclusively carried out by terrorists of Moroccan origin demonstrates that Morocco has become a “breeding ground for terrorism” and a “springboard” for terrorist attacks in Europe.

This fact was confirmed by Jeune Afrique itself in an article appearing in August 2017 entitled “Born in Morocco” in reference to the fact that the largest number of terrorist acts in Europe were exclusively carried out by Moroccans.

The Moroccan regime’s involvement in breeding and supporting terrorism in the region and beyond is no longer a secret at a time when the regime continues to use terrorism, coupled with illegal immigration, to blackmail Europe, which has been the scene of several terrorist acts perpetrated mostly by people of Moroccan origin. Did not the late King of Morocco threaten his European partners in 1994 saying: “If Morocco cannot export tomatoes, it will have to export terrorists”?

The use by the Moroccan occupying state of the “threat of terrorism” is mainly to hide its well-documented role in supporting terrorism and transnational terrorist groups that rely on Moroccan-produced cannabis and other drugs as a major source of funding for their terrorist operations in the Sahel and the Sahara region.

The Government of the Sahrawi Republic reaffirms the firm determination of the Sahrawi people to confront all the manoeuvres and psychological and propaganda war waged by the Moroccan occupying state and to continue and intensify their legitimate armed struggle until their sacred goals of freedom and independence are achieved." (SPS)

090/500/60 (SPS)