Ugandan Solidarity Movement with Western Sahara condemns Moroccan increased repression against Saharawi people

Kampala (Uganda), Feb 22, 2021 (SPS)-  The Ugandan Solidarity Movement with Western Sahara condemned the increased repression of the Moroccan security forces against the Saharawi people in the  occupied territories.

The Solidarity Movement with Western Sahara in Uganda expressed, today in a communiqué, its deepest concern at the repression of the Saharawis, notably the Western Sahara activists and Journalists.

It also strongly condemned the physical surveillance of prominent Saharawi activist Sultan Khaya and the use of excessive force to disperse peaceful protests, ill treatment of political prisoners and arbitral disciplinary measures.

The Solidarity Movement with Western Sahara in Uganda called on the United Nations and African Union to implement the relevant resolutions to enable the people of Western Sahara exercise their inalienable rights to Self-determination, urging the United States of America to stay committed to the United Nations resolutions where it’s a permanent member and to rescind the proclamation made by the former president Donald Trump, since it contravenes the UN resolutions 1514, ICJ ruling of 1975, EU ruling of 2006 and 2008 and the 1991 cease fire agreement.

Solidarity Movement with Western Sahara in Uganda is a Youth led Organization based in Uganda with the aim of creating awareness and mobilizing peace loving people across Africa to Unite and advocate for the decolonization of Western Sahara Africa’s last colony.

SPS 090/110