Congress members message, "fatal blow" to Trump's statement (Polisario Front Representative in France)

Paris, 22 February 2021 (SPS) - Representative of the Polisario Front in France Mohamed Sidati said on Sunday that the message sent by members of the American Congress to President Joe Biden requesting the review of his predecessor's decision on Western Sahara comes as "a fatal blow "to Trump's statement.

This message "is the eloquent expression of the great sympathy enjoyed by the Sahrawi cause within the Congress, in particular with regard to the right to self-determination, guaranteed by international law," Sidati told in a statement to APS.

This move "proves that Trump's decision has fallen into oblivion," he added,

The Sahrawi diplomat noted that the position of members of Congress "confirms the absence of any support for this illegal and ill-considered decision which has greatly damaged the credibility of the United States."

Stressing that this message "comes to bury the outdated policies of Trump" and "to give a fatal blow to his decision and to the expansionist aims of the Moroccan regime, supported by the Zionist lobby," Sidati called for "the overhaul of the recognition of shame," which discredited the United States, as a "member of the UN Security Council."

A revision "is imperative for the United States to recover its flouted credibility," added Sidati, recalling that "serious and fair policies in international relations cannot be based on bartering or haggling over peoples' rights". (SPS)