EH-Bildu criticizes Moroccan violence against Sahrawi civilian in the Occupied Areas

Donostia (Gipuzkoa), Feb16, 2021 (SPS) -The political organization Eh-Bildu has denounced the violence and harassment against human rights defenders in the occupied areas of Western Sahara by the occupied Moroccan regime.

EH-Buldu denounces that "members of the Moroccan occupation army have brutally attacked the Sahrawi activists Sultana Khaya and her sister Elwaara Khaya at thier home in the occupied city of Bojador."

The international Front Line Defender Organization has warned that “Sultana Khaya, a human rights defender, has been under house arrest for 12 weeks in Bojador. On November 19, 2020, several Moroccan police units imposed a siege around her house, during which she suffered physical and verbal attacks. "

The political organization warns that "this is one of the hundreds of cases of human rights violations suffered by the Saharawi population in the occupied territories, having intensified since the beginning of the war."

"EH Bildu will carefully follow the situation in the occupied territories, to continue with the public denunciation and defense of the Frente POLISARIO, the Saharawi people and their legitimate right to self-determination." SPS