AU decolonization mechanisms must be revitalized, says Information Minister

Shaheed Al-Hafed, 30 Juanuart 2021- (SPS) - Minister of Information and Chairperson of the Government, Mr. Hamada Selma, has urged the African Union to revitalize its peace and security mechanisms, especially those related to the decolonization of Western Sahara, during the upcoming African summit, scheduled for 6-7 February 2021.

Speaking to the Algerian Radio One on Friday, the Saharawi official recalled to the AU’s strategy to silencing the guns and solving all the problems behind conflicts and tensions in the African continent, adding that Western Sahara question is being considered at the African Union level as “the last decolonization issue in Africa”.

With this in mind, Mr. Hamada said that the upcoming African summit will undoubtedly strongly address the Saharawi issue, with the AU being a partner in the peace process in Western Sahara.

During its 14th extraordinary summit on Silencing the Guns, the African Union unanimously endorsed a draft resolution proposed by the Kingdom of Lesotho and supported by 12 African countries, which highlighted the recent events occurred in the Saharawi Republic after Morocco’s aggression.

The resolution also called on the AU Peace and Security Council and the Tripartite Committee to convene, examine and report about the Saharawi issue to the upcoming summit of African heads of state and government, with the aim to reach a solution allowing for the inalienable right of the Saharawi people to self-determination and independence. (SPS)