El Guerguarat operation unveils Morocco’s blackout on war in Western Sahara

Paris, Jan 28, 2021 (SPS) - Representative of the Frente POLISARIO in France Mohamed Sidati affirmed Tuesday that the qualitative operation conducted by the Sahrawi army in El Guerguarat has unveiled Morocco’s blackout on the war in Western Sahara, urging the Mekhzen to acquiesce to the international law.   

In a statement to APS, Sidati underlined that the Moroccan system is not only doing a blackout on the war in Western Sahara but also make the public opinion believe that the situation is under control, pointing out that it isn’t possible to conceal the truth (…) when the blow is deadly and the noise of the military operations is solemn.

The diplomat underlined that the Moroccan themselves were witnesses on the quality of the operation conducted by the units of the Sahrawi army in El Guerguarat, and are aware of the reality of the war, underscoring that the Sahrawi army was strongly committed to extending the military action until the recovery of the independence.

The Moroccan system always attempts to make people believe that the situation is under control in Western Sahara, while the operation of El-Guergarat let him completely confused, notably after the broad media coverage of the military operation, he said, adding that the Moroccan army’s losses were so important that doing the blackout and trying to mislead the public opinion is no more possible.

The Mekhzen system must be aware of the armed fatality, show wisdom and acquiesce to the international legitimacy, said Sidati, stressing that the Sahrawi people’s struggle will continue for its inalienable rights and that the military operations are but a legitimate reaction in the face of the occupation of our land and the plundering of our natural resource.SPS