All positions of Moroccan occupation forces to be targeted by Sahrawi liberation Army

Chahid El-Hafed, Jan 27, 2021 (SPS) - Saharawi Minister of Equipment Sid Ahmed Batal said that all positions of the Moroccan military forces will be targets for the Sahrawi Army that is fighting for independence.

Speaking to the Saharawi radio, Ahmed Batal said "the war was over 29 years ago, but the despair of the Saharawi people and leadership for peaceful solutions has made it essential to choose a site of national and international importance to resume the fight in a new version, and we chose the passage of El-Guergarat."

By giving a fatal blow to Moroccan occupation forces, who tried to protect this passage from any military operation, the Saharawi army showed that their fighters, endowed with intelligence and a military capability, were able to reach every corner in the occupied territories, he explained.

This is intended to be a clear message for Morocco and for the whole world, he said, that El Guerguerat, like the other positions of the Moroccan forces, will be targets for the Saharawi army in a war of attrition in all areas that will burn under the feet of the colonizers.

Welcoming the Saharawi popular momentum, revived since last November 13, the minister said that the longer the war lasts and gains ground, the stronger the unity of the Saharawi people.SPS