Trump's stance on Western Sahara "makes no sense"

New York, 24 January 2021 (SPS) - The recognition of the so-called Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara by former US President Donald Trump on December 10 "makes no sense" and has had a "negative impact," Robert Malley, president of the International Crisis Group said Thursday.

"The recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara in exchange for normalization between Morocco and Israel does not make sense and it has a negative impact on Western Sahara issue," the expert said in an interview with France Culture relating to assessment of Donald Trump's tenure.

Robert Malley, who served as an advisor to US Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, added that "President Trump singled out himself by his barter policy, a kind of permanent bargaining where transactions are made not on the level of values but on the plan of material interests."

"So he could have done a lot of harm simply because he privileged what benefited him personally or those who surround him, defying all values, standards, international alliances of the United States, stability throughout the world," added Robert Malley. Regarding the Middle East region, Trump's record has been "overall negative because it has helped to exacerbate, to reinforce the polarization in the region.

First, he took part in the Israeli-Palestinian issue by entirely supporting the Israelis," said the former adviser at the White House.

He will point out that Trump succeeded in pushing four Arab countries to normalize their relations with the Zionist entity.

Overall, Donald Trump has damaged the image of the United States, sowing doubt on its ability to meet its commitments.

A "legacy" difficult to erase by the Biden administration, he pointed out. (SPS)