ARTifariti 2020 kicks off vía online platforms

Seville (Andalusia), 12 December 2020 (SPS) - The fourteenth edition of the International Encounters of Arts and Human Rights of the Western Sahara (ARTifariti) kicked off today vía online platforms, with the participation of artists and human rights defenders from various countries of the world.

Held virtually throughout the weekend in Sevilla, Maputo, Mexico City, and Saharawi Refugee Camps, this year’s edition was set to take place on November 2020 in the liberated Saharawi zones, before being canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every year, artists from different countries of the world come together to demand the respect of human rights and the right of individuals and peoples to their land, culture and freedom.

Held under the motto, “ARTifariti 2020: 45 Years of Confinement”, the organizers want to shed light on the suffering and injustice experienced against the Saharawi people at the hands of Moroccan occupation for 45 years.

During the inauguration session, the participants recalled the cases of forced disappearance in Western Sahara.

The festival will examine the situation in Western Sahara after Morocco’s violation of the UN-supervised ceasefire agreement. (SPS)