SPLA continues to target Moroccan army bases

Bir Lahlou, 27 November (SPS) - The Saharawi People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) continues, for the fourteenth consecutive day, its intensive attacks on the positions and bases of the Moroccan occupation forces behind the Wall of Shame, according to the Communiqué No. 14 of the Ministry for National Defense.

SPLA units on Tuesday carried out successful attacks on enemy’s bases and positions in the regions of Adeim Um Aglud (Auserd sector), Bkari sector, Galb Adleim (Techla sector), Fadrat Tamat (Amgala sector) and Rus Dirat (Hauza sector), stated the communiqué.

The Saharawi army units also targeted on Wednesday the entrenchments of the Moroccan enemy in the regions of Fadrat Al-Ach (Hauza sector), Amkali Azgalma (Um Draiga sector) and Mahbes sector, added the communiqué.

The Saharawi Defense Ministry underlined that these strikes have caused considerable human and material losses along the Moroccan Wall of Shame, dividing Western Sahara. (SPS)