Lasting peace depends upon Morocco’s withdrawal from SADR, confirms Government spokesperson

Shaheed Al-Hafed, (Sahrawi Republic), 21 November 2020 (SPS) -The Spokesperson of the Saharawi Government, Mr. Hamada Selma, on Friday said that just and lasting peace depends upon Morocco’s withdrawal from the territory of the Saharawi republic, and the respect for the internationally-recognized borders.

Reacting to statements by the spokesperson of the Moroccan occupying government, Mr. Selma reaffirmed SADR’s will to continue to use its right of self-defense in accordance with the provisions of the AU Constitutive Law.

The Saharawi official went on saying that the Saharawi Republic is subject to an aggressive war and illegal foreign occupation aiming at confiscating the right of its people to freedom and sovereignty.

Morocco’s presence in Western Sahara is clearly considered by the UN General Assembly Resolution 34/37 of 1979 as an illegal occupation, a thing confirmed by the former UN chief Ban Ki-Moon during his visit to the region, added the statement.

The Saharawi government seizes the opportunity to point out some important clarifications;

First, Guergerat breach in not an international nor regional route. It is an illegal breach unilaterally established by Morocco, in a flagrant violation of the ceasefire and Military Agreement No.1.

Second, this illegal breach constituted, from the first day, a real concern for the UN. In his report S/2001/398, the then secretary general underlined that Morocco on 17 March 2001 gave written guarantees to stop the construction of a route in Guergerat.

Third, when the crisis erupted again in 2016, the UN Security Council in April 2017 decided to dispatch a mission to assess the situation at first hand and evade any confrontation between the parties to the conflict. But, Morocco refused the arrival of the mission, before silence from the part of the UN general secretariat.

Fourth, last November 13th, Morocco invaded the buffer zone in Guergerat, by attacking a group of Saharwi peaceful demonstrators, who were protesting the existence of this illegal breach. This action was the spark that lit the war in Western Sahara.

Fifth, the spokesperson of the Moroccan occupying government tries to promote a fake story of a peaceful intervention to open a so-called “commercial route”.  The truth is that Alawite regime once again throws its people into an aggressive war after a temporary truce that ended a 16-year war, which claimed the lives of thousands of Moroccan soldiers.

Sixth, the story of the Moroccan government’s spokesperson about some contacts made with the support of some parties is “an old lie in a new fashion”. Moroccan regime is seeking to justify its failure to be part of peace. (SPS)