Uganda Solidarity Movement expresses Solidarity with Sahrawi people following Moroccan aggression on National territory

Uganda, Nov 13, 2020 (SPS) – Solidarity Movement with Western Sahara Uganda has expressed its Solidarity with the people of Western Sahara who fight for the legitimate rights in El Guergarat area according to statement which SPS obtained a copy of which.

The issue of Western Sahara remains one of the intractable challenges facing the African continent and the international community, unfortunately, for the past 4 decades there have been no positive developments and the situation continue to detoriate, Solidarity Movement with Western Sahara Uganda says in its statement

The statement added that the intensification of Morocco's military occupation, its violations of the International laws in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, opening of illegal consulates in occupied zones, sports events, declaration of the expansion of its "exclusive economic zone" to Spanish and Saharawi waters are contrally to the International laws. These actions threaten to undermine the viability of the 1975 ICJ ruling and all the relevant AU and UN resolutions.

The Ugandan Solidarity movement has also condemned the continuous illegal plundering of Sahrawi resources in contradiction to the African and International laws, severe violations of human rights in the occupied zones of Western Sahara and the existence of the Moroccan Wall of shame that separate the people of Western Sahara

It has called on the African union and United Nations to implement the long-standing resolutions to bring a just lasting solution, stressing that UN and MINURSO should implement the originally African peace plan which is the task to their existence in Western Sahara and give MINURSO the mandate to monitor and report on human rights in Western Sahara. SPS