President Cyril Ramaphosa: Chauvinism, arrogance and racialism hinders the independence of Western Sahara

Pretoria (South Africa) 09 June 2020 (SPS)- The President of the African National Congress (ANC), President Cyril Ramaphosa, considered that Western Sahara’s achievement of independence is hindered because of Chauvinism, arrogance and racism by Morocco.

In a speech he gave last Friday on the occasion of the launch of an “anti-racism initiative” by South African political parties, President Ramaphosa considered that “it is this toxic mix of chauvinistic and economic interest, and the arrogance of racial ethnic and national superiority that stands in the way of the achievement of the independence of Western Sahara.”

He further estimated that there is “need to acknowledge that racism and related forms of intolerance are not only to be found in the behaviour of individuals they permeate institutions, communities, and societies, and they are manifested in the 21st century in many other ways.”

In this regards, he estimated that “racism is one of the fundamental underpinnings of modern slavery, which confines many people to forced labour and servitude. it persists in the atrocities committed against peoples across the world, as witness for instance during the Rwandan genocide, the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, and more recently the persecution of the Rohingya in Myanmar.”

The ANC and its Alliance partners launched an anti-racism initiative on Friday, led by the ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The launch comes amid international uproar and protests over the death of the late American, George Floyd, killed by US police and filmed by eyewitness in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (SPS)

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