Education Minister sends a message of thanks to his Algerian counterpart

Chahid El Hafed,  June 02, 2020 - The Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Mr. Mansour Omar, has  sent a message of thanks and appreciation to his Algerian counterpart, Mohamed Mohamed Agout, Minister of National Education, and through him to all the Algerian educational institutions that welcomed the students of the Saharawi people during the 2020/2019 school year, which contributed to providing the best conditions to accommodate them and guarantee their safety and health, despite the difficult circumstances experienced by the Algeria Sister country generated due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Omar expressed the deep appreciation and pride of the Saharawi people in general and the families of the students in particular, especially those who were under the care and responsibility of the Algerian educational institutions, for the tremendous effort of the latter in all aspects of the school life of these students.

In this regard, he greatly appreciated the enormous effort made by the Algerian authorities, led by the Ministry of National Education, to ensure that our children return to the refugee camps quickly, which brought great joy to their families.

The Minister of Education and Vocational Training established a phone call with his Algerian counterpart, Mohamed Wajout, the latter expressed the willingness of the Algerian Ministry of National Education to support the fields of cooperation and coordination with institutions of the Saharawi people.SPS