Loss of contact with Sahrawi civilian prisoner under Covid-19 pandemic

Ait Melloul (Morocco), 25May 2020 (SPS) - The family of Sahrawi civilian prisoner Mohamed Saleh Dada, in a telephone conversation with the Association for the Protection of Sahrawi Prisoners in Moroccan Prisons, announced the loss of contact with its son for the past three weeks, who has been unfairly sentenced to 10 years in prison in the Ait Melloul prison 1, in southern Moroccan city of Agadir.

In the last contact with his family, the Sahrawi prisoner complained about the inappropriate prison conditions under which he was serving his unjust sentence, as he stressed the negligence of the prison administration in providing him with his necessary needs in addition to reducing the contact time allocated to him compared to the Moroccan prisoners.

Sahrawi civilian prisoner, Mohamed Saleh Dada, had gone on hunger strikes in Marrakech's Oudaya prison, Ait Melloul prison, and the occupied Samara prison, and his family filed numerous complaints without opening an investigation. (SPS)