National Committee for Prevention against Coronavirus assesses its work, prepares new health measures

Shaheed Al-Hafed, 4 May 2020 (SPS) - The National Committee for Prevention against Coronavirus on Sunday held a meeting devoted to assessing its work and preparing new health measures to prevent Coronavirus.

The meeting was held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Public Health and dealt with preventive measures to be taken in the light of the emergence of cases of Coronavirus infection in the Algerian wilaya of Tindouf.

The meeting also addressed the most important concerns expressed by the regional coordinators of the Committee and the progress of programs planned in the medical isolation centers as well as quarantine centers.

The Committee members called on the relevant authorities to take strict measures against those who violate the measures in place to prevent the virus, especially with regard to the movement of people.

The committee members also prepared new health measures to deal with the current health situation that would contribute to the non-spread of the virus in the camps.

Finally, the committee members called for compliance with the procedures put forward by the National Committee for Prevention against Coronavirus. (SPS)