Ugandan Solidarity Movement condemns violation of international law by the Kingdom of Morocco in Western Sahara (statement)

Kampala (Uganda), January 29, 2020 (SPS) - The Ugandan Solidarity Movement with the Sahrawi people organized a press conference yesterday, Tuesday, in the capital, Kampala, attended by many written, visual and digital media, denouncing the violation of international law by the Kingdom of Morocco in Western Sahara, focusing on various aspects of the Sahrawi issue, the last colony in Africa.

At the end of the conference, the movement issued a statement denouncing the organization of the African sports activities in the occupied Western Sahara and made it clear that Morocco does not possess sovereignty over this region which it has been trying to annex by force since 1975 in a clear and blatant violation of all the requirements of international law, in blatant contrast to the Charter the African Union.

The statement also called on the African Football Federation to adopt the maps of the United Nations and the African Union when organizing any sporting activities to avoid Moroccan maneuvers related to the Western Sahara region, declaring its rejection of any form of exercise for political purposes.

it also condemned the Moroccan regime's implication of some African countries in its policies aimed at perpetuating the phenomenon of colonialism rejected in Africa by opening honorary consulates in the major cities under the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara, demanding in this regard the African Union to take the necessary measures stipulated in The continent's charters.SPS