Podemos denounces Morocco’s expansionist maneuvers

Canary Islands, January 25, 2020 (SPS) – Spanish political party Podemos has denounced "the expansionist policies of Rabat" in Sahrawi territorial waters, while urging the Spanish government in collaboration with the government of the Canary Islands to launch actions to curb "this Moroccan maneuver ".

"We will not allow our marine waters to be affected by Morocco, and we demand that the median established to date be respected," the political party said in a statement released Thursday.

"From Podemos Canarias, we reject Morocco’s expansionist policy, not only with our waters, but also with the waters of Western Sahara, a non-self-governing territory awaiting decolonization, a conflict that has been going on for 43 years ", underlined in the statement, Francisco Lopez, regional secretary of Podemos.

According to media sources, the Moroccan Parliament approved "two draft laws relating to creation of exclusive economic zone and delimitation of the maritime borders, extending the illegal exclusive zone to Lagüera, in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, and part of the waters close to the Canary Islands which Spain considers in its exclusive economic zone".

Faced with such an attack on international legality, the Polisario Front expressed its strong condemnation "of Morocco’s manoeuvres and deplored Spain’s submission to the regime of Mohamed VI". " Making more concessions by the Spanish Government will only encourage Morocco to persist in its expansionism that the Saharawi people continue to suffer since Morocco occupied Western Sahara by force in October 1975 with the complicity of the Spanish authorities at the time", denounced the Polisario Front. (SPS)