Serious deterioration of the health situation of the Sahrawi civilian prisoner, Sidi Abdullah Ahmed Sidi Abhah

The local prison of Tiflet 2 (Morocco), January 22, 2020 (Was) - The family of the Sahrawi civil prisoner, Sidi Abdullah Ahmed Sidi Abha, within the Gdeim Izik group, located in the local prison, Tiflet 2, east of Rabat, the Moroccan capital, stated that the health situation of their son is alarming in the absence of any medical follow-up to his chronic diseases.

According to statement of the prisoner ‘family which  the Association for the Protection of Sahrawi Prisoners in Moroccan Prisons has obtained a copy of it, that Sidi Abdullah Ahmed Sidi Abha suffers from sensitive skin and severe pain at the level of gums and teeth, in addition to isolation in a solitary cell and restricting the conditions of telephone contact, which does not exceed one time In a week for five minutes.

The Association stressed that the prison administration does not have the willingness to improve the detention conditions of Sidi Abdullah Ahmed Sidi Abha and treat him in a humane and decent manner, as well as to disclaim all of her promises and obligations in this regard, especially those related to the right to bring closer to the family and to provide the necessary treatment and medication for all the diseases he suffers from as a result of the years of arbitrary detention and the cruel mistreatment he was a victim of.SPS