UN has not yet decided about Horst Kohler's successor

Tifariti (Liberated Territories), 23 December 2019 (SPS) - Sahrawi Minister Delegate for Europe Mohamed Sidati said Saturday that the Secretary General (SG) of the United Nations (UN), Antonio Guterres, has not yet appointed a new UN Sahara Envoy in replacement of German Horst Kohler.

Eight months after Kohler's departure, the UN has not put forward any name to the Polisario Front, the sole and legitimate representative of the Saharawi people, "for the succession of the former special envoy and the continuation of the peace process in Western Sahara in line with UN decisions and charters", Sidati told the APS on the sidelines of the 15th Congress of the Polisario Front.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Sakia Al-Hamra and Oued Eddahab has repeatedly expressed "its concern about the appointment of a new UN Sahara Envoy to replace German Horst Kohler," Sidati said.

"At a time when the Moroccan party continues its maneuvers to prolong the crisis and impede the appointment of a new special envoy, the Polisario Front stresses, for its part, the need to put an end to these procrastinations and calls on the UN to put pressure on the Kingdom of Morocco to embark on the path of peace and implement the UN decisions," added the Sahrawi leader.

"The international community now feels the gravity of the situation, in view of the negative developments in the region due to the stalemate in the peace process," he said. (SPS)