44th EUCOCO: 500 people in Vitoria-Gasteiz in support for Saharawi people

Vitoria-Gasteiz (Basque Country), 23 November 2019 (SPS) - More than 500 people are taking part on Friday and Saturday in Vitoria-Gasteiz (the Basque Country) in the works of the 44th European Conference of Support and Solidarity with the Saharawi People (EUCOCO).

"The city of Vitoria-Gasteiz meets all the requirements to host the 44th edition of EUCOCO and will prove to be up to the task of organizing this important international event, which is expected to attract more than 500 people from all over Spain and abroad," the organizing committee said on its website.

The event, is held this year under the slogan "1975-2019, 44 Years of Struggle for Independence and Decolonization of Western Sahara, a guarantee for Peace and Stability in the Region," is attended by Algerian delegations, including MPs from the People's National Assembly (lower house of Parliament) and the Algerian National Committee for Support to Saharawi People (CNASPS).

Western Sahara is represented by Saharawi Prime Minister Mohamed Louali Akeik, the head of the Saharawi National Council (Parliament), Khatri Adouh, and a large delegation made up of ministers and representatives of different national institutions, members of civil society groups, MPs and human rights activists from the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

According to the conference's agenda, four themes will be discussed through workshops and working groups, namely "Plunder of Natural Resources," "Consolidation of Saharawi State," "Human Rights" and "Policy and Information." (SPS)