“The Saharawi cause is a priority for the Algerian people, in their support for the liberation movements in Africa” (parliamentary group)

Algiers, Oct 22, 2019 (SPS) - The Algerian-Western Sahara parliamentary friendship and fraternity group said, Monday in a statement, that the Saharawi cause is a priority for the Algerian people in their support of the liberation movements in Africa.

"The position of Algeria in support of the Saharawi cause emanates from historical and legal convictions in line with international legality and relevant UN resolutions," the parliamentary group said in its statement, adding in this context that this position of principles regarding to the liberation movements in Africa and Asia, it is the result of the Algerian liberation experience, thanks to which national sovereignty was recovered, after 132 years of French occupation.

"Western Sahara, the last colony in Africa, is a just cause recognized by states, peoples, national, continental parliaments and governmental organizations thanks to its historical and legal legitimacy," recalled the parliamentary group.

As the founding country of the African Union and an active member of the Pan-African Parliament and of all African institutions, Western Sahara has diplomatic representations in dozens of countries in the world and participates in the different multilateral activities organized by the African Union, in which it is denounced the illegal exploitation of the natural resources of the Saharawi people, which clearly demonstrates, the unanimous rejection of the Moroccan occupation of the territory of Western Sahara, the statement concluded. SPS