Participants in Vigo conference pledge to continue support for Sahrawi people

Vigo (Spain) 5 October 2019 (SPS) - Participants in the International Conference of Cities and Municipalities in Solidarity with the Saharawi People, held in the Spanish city of Vigo, have pledged in their final statement to continue their full and unconditional support for the Sahrawi people.

The statement stressed the need to consider the nature of the conflict in Western Sahara as an issue of decolonization that has to be completed, Consequently, it is necessary to pressure the Moroccan occupation to stop human rights violations in the occupied territories, release Sahrawi political prisoners, and comply fully with the UN resolutions, especially to stop hindering a referendum on self-determination that enables the Sahrawi people to achieve independence and complete sovereignty over their national territory.

The statement highlighted the situation in the occupied territory of Western Sahara and the suffering of the Sahrawi people there, as a result of systematic and widespread repression, especially against activists and human rights and media organizations.

Finally, the statement paid tribute to the participating delegations from different provinces of Spain, Algeria, France and Italy, as well as the excellent organization of the work of the first edition of the International Conference of Cities and Municipalities in Solidarity with the Sahrawi people, co-sponsored by the Provincial Council of Galicia, the Association of Friendship with the Sahrawi people in the province and the Coordination of Associations in Solidarity with the Sahrawi people in Spain. (SPS)