UJSARIO attends Swedish Social Democratic Youth Congress and calls on Swedish Prime Minister to recognize SADR

Karlstad (Sweden) 10 August 2019 (SPS)- Member of UJSARIO External Relations Technical Team, Mr. Ahmed Mulai, participated in the meetings of the Swedish Social Democratic Youth Congress held in the period from 9th to the 12th of August in Karlstad, Sweden.

The meeting, which is expected to elect a new leadership of the Swedish Social Democratic Youth, was attended by government officials and political figures and parliamentarians, mainly the Swedish Prime Minister, Mr. Stefan Löfven, who gave the opening speech of the Congress stressing the role played by Swedish youth in shaping the policies of the party and country.

Stefan Löfven focused particularly on the challenges facing the Swedish society in creating job opportunities for youth, housing and other challenges related to the environment, as well as the Swedish determination to support just and humanitarian causes around the world, especially those that create crises of refugees and human suffering.

The representative of the UJSARIO External Relations Technical Team seized the opportunity of his participation to the event to raise the question of Western Sahara with various Swedish members of the Swedish Social Democratic Youth and Party, especially Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

Ahmed seized indeed an opportunity to address the Swedish Prime Minister, to ask for Swedish support to the Sahrawi people in their legitimate struggle for liberation and independence, stressing that the Social Democratic Party cannot ignore the suffering of the Sahrawi people and has the historical and moral obligation to give it due priority.

The representative of the Sahrawi youth also held a number of elaborate discussions about the current situation in Western Sahara and the vision and demands of the Saharawis from all their friends, with members of parliament, including with the head of external relations of the Swedish Parliament. He especially raised with them the need to intensify political support for the Sahrawi people in this difficult period, especially with the repeated collapse of the United Nations efforts to resolve the conflict.

In this context, Ahmed Mulai reminded his interlocutors about the promise made by the party's militants for more than a decade to recognize the Sahrawi Republic when the party takes power. A promise, he regretted, that was not fulfilled with Saharawis while Sweden had respected a similar promise it gave to the Palestinian.

It should be recalled that the Congress was attended by hundreds of Swedish youth from different regions of Sweden, in addition to representatives of Saharawi, Norwegian and Kurdish youth organizations. The meeting was also attended by Mr. Haddi Kentaoui, the Deputy Representative of Polisario Front in Sweden.

090/500/60 (SPS)