SWAPO youth League demand immediate independence of Western Sahara and halt of natural resources’ theft by Morocco

Windhoek (Namibia) 27 July 2019 (SPS)- Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) addressed a letter of solidarity Today to Polisario’s Youth organisation, UJSARIO, calling for the immediate independence of Western Sahara and prompt halt of Moroccan human rights violations and illegal exploitation of the natural resources of Western Sahara.

The letter, of which SPS received a copy, “denounces the continuous illegitimate occupation of Morocco on Western Sahara and the subjection the Sahrawi people against forced rule, hence SPYL calls for self-determination and independence with immediate effect, and we call for respect of fundamental human rights and democratic freedom.

The Namibian youth organisation “further denounces the illegal economic exploitation of Western Sahara, especially in respect of their natural resources, illegal arrest and detention as well as the denial from basic fundamental rights such as quality health care and education,” the letter reads.

Swapo Party Youth League “continues to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of Western Sahara following the recent unprovoked crackdown and Morocco`s continued violence on the Sahrawi people,” the text indicates.

It further reflected SPYL concerns “about the barbaric measures taken by Morocco’s government since Friday, 19 July 2019 in El-aaiun, Western Sahara, against the Sahrawi youth who gathered to peacefully celebrate following the victory and crowning of the Algerian National Football Team as African Champions of CAF 2019, resulting in the killing and injuring of innocent people.”

SPYL views the “unprovoked use of live fire ammunition, rubber bullets and tear gassing against unarmed people as serious act of provocation and gross human right violation,” the letter warns.

The organisation finally called upon “progressive members states of the United Nation, AU and SADC to implement relevant resolutions for the holding of the UN referendum on Western Sahara without delay, equally the Swapo Party Youth League calls on Morocco to desist its imperialistic tendencies and respect the aspirations of the Sahrawian People.”

090/500/60 (SPS)