POLISARIO urges EU to intervene in face of serious situation in Western Sahara’s occupied areas

Brussels (Belgium), July 23, 2019 (SPS) – Sahrawi Minister Delegate to Europe, Mohamed Sidati has urged today the EU high representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, to "intervene quickly to stop the repressive escalation that takes place in the occupied territories of Western Sahara."

Following the serious situation and the brutal intervention of the occupation forces, with a deadly victim and dozens injured, POLISARIO demands that the European Union immediately intervene to guarantee the protection of the Saharawi civilian population.

“This brutal repression resulted in the macabre result of the violent death of the young Sabah Azman, 23, deliberately hit by a vehicle called auxiliary forces. Abandoned on the floor, without receiving the minimum help, she gave her last sighs. Many protesters suffered injuries of varying severity, others dejectedly killed, and harassment and persecution lasted until the early hours of July 20, ”denounces POLISARIO in a message issued by its representative in Brussels.

The Frente POLISARIO’s National Secretariat member emphasizes that "the European Union shares partnership agreements with Morocco, agreements that includes obligations to respect human rights and democracy."

He has also called upon the European Union to exert Morocco to respect the law, international legality, and to end the repression that seeks to silence the voices that demand freedom and tolerance in the Occidental Sahara, requesting EU to send fact-finding delegation to view closely the situation on the ground. SPS