Sahrawi government responds to recent statements by Moroccan ministers

Bir-Lahlou (Liberated land), 19 July 2019 (SPS) - The Sahrawi Government has responded to statements made by the Ministers of Moroccan state of occupation related to the Sahrawi-Moroccan conflict and the issue of human rights, in a statement made public on Friday by the Ministry of Information.

The statement pointed out that for reasons known to the Moroccans and international public opinion, the Moroccan Minister of Justice and the Speaker Minister of the government made statements on the Sahrawi-Moroccan conflict and the issue of human rights.

“The statements show that Morocco reproduces the rhetoric of the colonial powers and apartheid regime over centuries, denying the existence of the Sahrawi people, evading the international obligations and signed agreements, and adopting a policy of changing the demographic composition of the occupied territories of Western Sahara and plundering their natural resources.

As for the human rights issue, the Moroccan ministers wanted to jump over the consensus of international human rights organizations, which all condemn the systematic repression of the Sahrawi people, namely, the deliberate killing, torture and harsh sentences against peaceful demonstrators, and imposing maximum state of emergency on the occupied territories, besieging them and preventing the media and foreign observers from visiting them and reporting on the human rights situation,” the statement further pointed out.

The Sahrawi Government strongly condemned the policy of repression, war crimes and crimes against humanity that the Kingdom of Morocco continues to practice against the Sahrawi people, calling on the United Nations and the African Union to take their responsibilities to end the illegal Moroccan occupation of our country, protect the Sahrawi people in the occupied territories and force the occupying state to release all Sahrawi political prisoners and stop the looting of the Sahrawi national wealth.

The Sahrawi government appealed urgently to the European Union countries, especially France and Spain, to stop the serious fallacy of presenting Morocco as a key partner in the fight against terrorism and illegal immigration, while the Kingdom of Morocco and its security services are behind the dumping Europe and Africa with drugs and its planes carry thousands of immigrants from their countries to Morocco for later use as pressure and blackmail in negotiations with Spain and the European Union.

Morocco urgently needs to respect the borders of its neighbors, it also needs its people to enjoy sovereignty, the right to citizenship and human dignity, otherwise, it will only push the Kingdom of Morocco into the unknown and to obstruct the stability and development of the Maghreb, which would not be in the interest of the growth and prosperity of all the peoples of the two shores of the Mediterranean, concluded the statement. (SPS)