Moroccan forces use violence against Sahrawi demonstrators in occupied capital

El-Aaiun (Occupied Territories), April 22, 2019 (SPS) - The Moroccan forces on Monday intervened violently against Sahrawi demonstrators in the occupied capital of Western Sahara, El-Aaiun, who came out in conjunction with the trial of Sahrawi political prisoner Ali Salem Boudjemaa Saadouni.

Sahrawi demonstrators had taken to Maatalah Street in the occupied city of El-Aaiun, carrying national flags and pictures of Sahrawi political prisoners, before they were surrounded by Moroccan repressive forces that used excessive force, as usual, dragging and beating the demonstrators, which led to many casualties among them. 

It is noteworthy that Sahrawi political prisoner, Ali Salem Boudjemaa Saadouni, appears today before the Moroccan court in the occupied capital, El-Aaiun, following his arrest on 11 April, on fabricated charges in retaliation for his political activism. (SPS)