Large international participation in 8th Congress of National Union of Sahrawi Women

Awsard (Refugee Camps), February 24, 2019 (SPS) - Many foreign delegations from different countries and continents of the world are participating in 8th Congress of the National Union of Sahrawi Women (NUSW), the Congress of Martyr Sidami Mokhtar, held on February 23-25, under the theme “Together we march towards victory and liberation,” in the wilaya of Awsard, Sahrawi refugee camps.

According to the organizing committee, a large number of foreign delegations are taking part from Spain, Italy, Cuba, Namibia, South Africa, India, Mozambique, Portugal, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Brazil, Mexico, as well as delegates from Arab countries such as Egypt and Syria.

Taking part also in the Congress are delegates from a number of international women's organizations, such as the International Women's Federation, the International Women's March, the Women's Democratic Movement of Portugal and the Women's Network in Madrid. (SPS)