Western Sahara: Frente POLISARIO broaches “window of opportunity” for settlement of conflict

New York, Jan 30, 2019 (SPS)- The Frente  POLISARIO underlined Tuesday that there is a real “window of opportunity” to resolve the conflict in western Sahara, calling on the Security Council to “act in the interest of the peace process.”

“Thanks to the leadership of the special envoy and the active support of the Security Council, we have now a real window of opportunity to reach a fair, peaceful and lasting solution leading to a real self-determination process in Western Sahara,” said the Frente  POLISARIO in a communiqué issued following a briefing on Western Sahara held by the envoy Horst Kohler.

The Frente  POLISARIO pointed out that the first series of peace talks held in Geneva had clearly shown that the status quo is “unbearable and constitutes an obstacle to peace.”

It is in this regard that the Sahrawi side urged the Security Council to “take advantage of the current dynamic by taking concrete measures to guarantee the Sahrawi people’s inalienable right to self-determination,” as provided for by the relevant resolutions of the Security Council and the General Assembly.

“If this process succeeds, it is essential that the Council’s members act in the interest of peace and international law by taking measures that increase the chances to reach a solution negotiated between the Frente  POLISARIO and Morocco,” said the source.SPS