“Sahrawi Republic presence in Brussels meeting failed Moroccan attempts to exterminate Saharawi people" (FA Minister)

Brussels, Jan 24, 2019 (SPS) – the Foreign Affairs Minister,  Mohamed Salem Uld Salek said on Tuesday that the presence of the SADR at the meeting of the foreign ministers of the African Union and the European Union in Brussels has fail the Moroccan attempts to exterminate the Saharawi people.

"The international presence in this ministerial meeting has shown to  the Moroccan occupier that his attempts to exterminate the Saharawi people, or to prevent the exercise of their sovereignty over their national territory, will be defeated by the will and determination of the Saharawi people who knew how to defeat the Moroccan conspiracies and maneuvers, "said the head of Saharawi diplomacy.

"Our presence in Brussels, the capital of Europe, shows that peace is based on ending the Moroccan occupation of the territory of the Saharawi Republic and on the other hand, indicates that there will be no association with the African Union without the presence of the Saharawi State It must also be known that the only solution to the conflict between the Saharawi Republic and the occupying Power is that Morocco respect its internationally recognized borders, "added Mohamed Salem Uld Salek.

Uld Salek reiterated, from Brussels, his call to France and Spain to help Morocco out of its expansionist adventure, noting also that the Saharawi people are willing to collaborate in achieving a just and lasting peace based on respect for international legality and to the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination and independence.

Uld Salek recalled that the presence of the Saharawi State in the Brussels meeting is a great victory that brings us closer to the total exercise of Saharawi national sovereignty and for the SADR to occupy the rightful place among the nations of the world. SPS