Manifestation in Berlin to denounce Western Sahara natural resources illegal exploitation

Berlin (Germany), Nov 01, 2018 (SPS) -The Sahrawis demonstrators denounced in Berlin, Germany, the illegal looting of the Sharwi people natural resouces ,reminding  the European countries of their responsibility in the decolonization of Western Sahara and to demand from the international community the holding of the self-determination referendum promised by the ONU.

The demonstration called by the collective "Banat Esaguia" coincided with the celebration of the G20-Africa Conference to promote a program of cooperation and investment in Africa.

The Sahrawi protesters mobilized to call attention to participating countries and organizations to refrain from promoting any investment project in the occupied areas of Western Sahara and respect the judgments of the European Court of Justice.

Other demands were the release of all Saharawi political prisoners jailed by the Moroccan regime and respect for the human rights of the civilian population living under occupation.

Before the Brandenburg Gate, the demonstrators, mostly women, took the opportunity to call attention to the conflict and remember that North Africa continues to suffer the aftermath of colonialism.

On the other hand, the responsibility of Spain as an administrative power was also remembered by not complying with its international commitments and the signing of the illegal Madrid agreement, an agreement that is considered by all international organizations as invalid. SPS