Prime Minister, Mohamed Luali Akeík, chairs the Government Council.

Chahid El Hafed (Saharawi Refugee Camps),Oct 16, 2018 (SPS) - Prime Minister of the Saharwi Republic, Mohamed Luali Akeík, has chaired the Government Council to evaluate work and the government program.

The council addressed the results and conclusions of the last tour that encompassed all branches of state institutions at the regional and local levels as well as the responses to the concerns and proposals resulting from that tour were also addressed.

The meeting of the Council of Ministers will address the replies to the concerns of citizens.  And the proposals that will be taken into account for the Government Program of the year 2019 will also be determined.

The Prime Minister initiated the work of the council, noting that "the current situation is marked by the continuous battle on all fronts to impose the self-determination of the Saharawi people. Akeík also referred to the work of the Security Council and the IV Commission of the UN, in which the Sahrawi cause is very present. Other references are those related to peaceful resistance in the occupied areas, the firmness of the political prisoners imprisoned by the Moroccan regime and the situation of the population in the refugee camps. SPS