SPAIN: MEPs accuse EU of "trying to legalize the occupation" of the Western Sahara through agreements with Morocco (PRESS)

October 10, 2018 (SPS) -. MEP Lidia Senra has accused the European Union of "seeking to legalize the occupation" of Western Sahara through the signing of economic agreements with Morocco.

The European Parliament of the Confederal Group of the European United Left (GUE / NGL) has intervened this Thursday in the commissions of Agriculture and Fisheries, in which she has criticized the action of the European Union in its relations with the Kingdom of Morocco.

Thus, he recalled the "historic" sentence of 2015 in which the European Court overthrew the free trade agreement with Morocco "for violating the rights of the Saharawi people." In addition, Senra added that there is another court ruling that states that the fishing agreement between the EU and Morocco "is not applicable to Western Sahara."

In this way, Senra has assured that the European Union "is maneuvering" to present new agreements with the North African country "before the end of the legislature".

Therefore,she urged the EU to "adopt once and for all a position consistent with the values ​​it claims to uphold, respecting the judgments of the European Court of Justice and doing everything possible to ensure that the UN and the international community in a broad sense commit to fulfill the self-determination referendum ".SPS