Education and Social Policies Minister of the Italian Region of Campania receives Saharawi children

Naples (Italy), August 2, 2018 (SPS) - The Minister of Education, Social Policies of the Italian Region of Campania, Mrs. Lucia Fortini has received the Saharawi children who spend their summer vacation in the city of Napoli within the program "Vacation in peace".

The Councilor, accompanied by several advisors and officials, in the presence of the Frente POLISARIO Representative in Italy, Mr. Mih Omar, welcomed the Saharawi children and stressed that his Government will offer all the possibilities for the success of the vacation programs of the Sahrawi children in their region during this summer.

The Saharawi diplomat took the opportunity to ask through the Councilor, the Italian government to play a more active role in the European Union to boost the efforts of the United Nations to apply international legitimacy in Western Sahara for a lasting peace in the region and exert pressure on Morocco to respect the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination and stop the looting of their natural resources.

It should be recalled that the Government of the Campania Region after the reception of its Minister of the small Saharawi peace ambassadors issued a press statement stating that the history of the Saharawi people is like the history of the people of Palestine and that it is "an people who fought and are still fighting for their independence, but are still seeking their freedom. " SPS