Algerian MPs underline need to hold self-determination referendum

Shaheed El Hafedh, May 11, 2018 (SPS) -Algerian MPs and politicians on Wednesday affirmed that their support to the Sahrawi cause and people stemmed from the principles adopted by Algeria in terms of support to all just causes, stressing the need to step up the organization of a self-determination leading to freedom and independence. 

“Our participation part of the Algeria-SADR Parliamentary Committee on Fraternity and Friendship stems from the principles adopted by Algeria in terms of support to all just causes worldwide,” MP of the National Liberation Front (FLN) Mohamed Moussaoudja told APS during a visit to the delegations attending the 45th anniversary of the Polisario Front creation at the Saharawi National Museum of Resistance located in Shaheed El Hafedh, Sahrawi refugee camp.

The Algerian political parties of all stripes “unanimously agree on support to the Sahrawi people so that they exercise their right to freedom and independence, and the Palestinian people.”  

Moreover, Algeria’s position is clear and supports the holding of a self-determination referendum for the Sahrawi people before denouncing the manoeuvres practised by Morocco to block the organisation of this referendum.

“Our participation as MPs in this ceremony confirms once again our constant support to the Sahrawi people and the need to hold a self-determination referendum under the UN resolutions, cease the exploitation of Western Sahara’s resources by the Moroccan occupation and violations of Human rights,” said the President of the Algerian-Saharawi Parliamentary friendship and fraternity group and FLN MP Saida Bounab. (SPS)