EUCOCO pays tribute to Sahrawi people’s struggle for respect of fundamental rights

Brussels, April 12,  2018 (SPS) -  President of the European Coordinating Conference of Support to the Sahrawi People (EUCOCO) Pierre Galand paid Tuesday tribute to the “exemplary struggle” of the Sahrawi people for the respect of their fundamental rights and permanent sovereignty over their natural resources.

In an article published in the Belgian paper “L’Echo” under the headline “The exemplary struggle of the Sahrawi people,” Pierre Galand affirmed that “the inactivity of the United Nations” in the face of the Moroccan occupation led the Sahrawi people to resume struggle “not that of weapons but that for the implementation and the strict respect of their fundamental rights and for the protection of their rich natural resources.”

“The struggle of the Sahrawi people is still continuing with law instruments,” he underlined.

He pointed out that the Sahrawi people, with the support of the African Union which has, long time ago, recognized the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) proclaimed by the Frente POLISARIO, addressed recently the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).SPS