Gdeim Izik Group: Saharawi political prisoner Mohamed El Ayoubi passes away

El-Aaiun (occupied territories), Feb 23, 2018 (SPS) - Sahrawi political prisoner of the Gdeim Izik group Mohamed El Ayoubi passed away on Wednesday evening in the occupied city of El El-Aaiun because of the harsh conditions and mistreatment in Moroccan prisons.

El Ayoubi, who was serving a lengthy 20-year prison sentence, was arrested by the Moroccan occupation authorities during the savage dismantling of Gdeim Izik camp on 8 November 2010. He suffered all forms of physical and mental torture during his arrest at the headquarters of the gendarmerie and the police station in the occupied city of El-Aaiun before being transferred with his colleagues on 11 November in Sale (Rabat).

Due to torture, he was forced to remain on a wheelchair during his detention in Sale 2 until 12 January 2011, the date on which he was transferred to the hospital of "Souissi" (Rabat) and admitted until 28 February 2011. After he returned to prison, his health condition has deteriorated due to the absence of necessary medical assistance.

On 31 October 2011, all political prisoners in Gdeim Izik went on hunger strike for more than a month to call for their immediate and unconditional release, including Mohamed Ayoubi, because of his critical health condition. In January 2018, Mohamed Alayoubi was amputated with two fingers because of diabetes in addition to other diseases induced by torture and ill-treatment. (SPS)