Moroccan authorities prevent organizing peaceful demonstration in occupied El-Aaiun

El-Aaiun (occupied territories), February 17, 2018 (SPS) – The Moroccan authorities on Friday banned Sahrawi citizens from peacefully demonstrating in Smara Street in the occupied city of El-Aaiun.

According to a statement by the Sahrawi Association of Victims of Grave Human Rights Violations committed by the Moroccan State (ASVDH), the Moroccan authorities proceeded in blocking the outlets leading to the place of the demonstration before time, preventing the Sahrawi demonstrators from accessing it, failing to abide by the international rules customary in dealing with demonstrators, torturing and harassing the demonstrators some of whom were people with special needs.

The statement added that the systematic policy of the Moroccan state in the Western Sahara territory encourages police officers and security men to attack peaceful protesters, some of them had been filed complaints against to the competent judicial authorities on the part of the victims, which perpetuates the policy of impunity practiced by the Moroccan authorities, which considered by the Sahrawi Association to encourage them to further these practices. (SPS)