Sahrawi political prisoner Abdelmoula El-Hafizi initiates unlimited hunger strike

Oudaya local prison (Morocco), Oct 28, 2017 (SPS) – Sahrawi Political prisoner, human rights activist and journalist Abdelmoula El-Hafizi initiated Thursday an limited hunger strike in his cell at Oudaya prison, Marrakech, where he and the rest of the Sahrawi student group are jailed.

The political prisoner began the battle of the empty stomach in protest of the indifference of the prison administration despite his repeated demands for treatment and improving his status as a prisoner of opinion, as well as his right to complete his studies.

It should be noted that the Sahrawi political prisoner Abdelmoula El-Hafizi is a member of the Sahrawi League for the Defense of Human Rights and Protection of Natural Resources in the occupied city of Boujdour. He was arrested more than a year ago by the Moroccan occupation forces where he was brought to trial along with 17 Sahrawi students. The Marrakech Court of Appeal issued harsh sentences amounted to 10 years against them. (SPS)