Human rights activists call on international community to protect Saharawi defenders in occupied Western Sahara

Geneva, Switzerland, Sept 26,  2017 (SPS) - A debate on "human rights defenders" was facilitated by the Saharawi delegation participating in the 36th session of the UN Human Rights Council from which an appeal was made to the international community to protect Saharawi human rights defenders in occupied Western Sahara.

According to media sources,  Saharawi activist Soukeina Jed Ahlou urged the human rights organizations participating in the conference "to lift the injustice inflicted on the Saharawi people", denouncing "the harassment exercised by the Moroccan security forces against the Sahrawi human rights defenders to prevent them from disclosing human rights violations against Saharawi civilians in the occupied part of Western Sahara. "

Activist Soukeina Jed Ahlou recalled the inhuman practices she suffered during her abduction, which lasted 12 years in secret places.

The peaceful demonstrations organized in the occupied territories of Western Sahara to claim the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination  are violently repressed by the Moroccan occupation authorities.

For his part, human rights activist Hassanna Alia spoke about the harassment suffered by Sahrawi human rights activists in occupied Western Sahara, university campuses and cities in southern Morocco.

He denounced the practices exercised by the Moroccan State against the Sahrawi militants who languished in the prisons, recalling the case of the Saharawi missing estimated at more than 500.

The conference convened by the Liberation organization in the presence of Saharawi activists and a number of human rights NGOs around the world, in addition to representatives of certain embassies and diplomatic missions accredited to the Council of Humans Rights of the United Nations. SPS