Saharawi student and political prisoner health situation El Uafi El Uakari deteriorates

Marrakech (Morocco), Sept 26, 2017 (SPS) - the health status of Saharawi student and political prisoner Uafi El Uakari has gravely deteriorated, who is imprisoned in the Moroccan prison of Ludaia in Marrakesh, According to sources of human rights activists.

The worsening health of the political prisoner is a consequence of the open hunger strikes that he began with his colleagues, to protest against his arbitrary detention and the terrible conditions inside the prison.

The same sources adds that El Uafi El Uakari suffers severe pains in the stomach and the dentures, which caused loss of appetite and weight,  in addition to the intentional negligence of the administration of the prison.

The family of the political prisoner expressed his deep concern about what his son may suffer in terms of his physical and mental integrity, in the midst of neglect and lack of adequate medical treatment.

It should be recalled that the comrades of the political prisoner, members of the student movement, held in the same prison, began a 24-hour hunger strike on September 25 in solidarity with him and to repel the conditions of his detention. SPS