Families of Sahrawi prisoners "Gdeim Izik" group denounce forced transfers to other Moroccan jails

Madrid, Sep 18, 2017 (SPS) - The relatives and the families of the Sahrawi political prisoners, unfairly detained following the violent dismantling of the Gdeim Izik camp by the Moroccan forces in 2010, have denounced Monday the forced  transfers of these prisoners to six Moroccan prisons which are very far from the occupied city of Al-Ayun.

In a statement relayed by Spanish media, the families of the Sahrawi political prisoners have "condemned and denounced the forced transfers of their children unfairly detained by the Moroccan occupying forces, after a series of trials denounced by the international observers, the human rights defense organizations as well as French and Spanish legal associations ..."

"The Sahrawi prisoners have thus been transferred to several prisons. Tifilt prison is the most remote one from the occupied Al-Ayun (1346 km) while Bouzakarine prison is the closest one (460 km)," said the families, who demanded an "international inquiry into the sufferings of the prisoners, during their detention, notably tortures, ill-treatments and the constant abuse of their rights during jail time."

The parents of the Sahrawi political prisoners have also demanded the "immediate release of the political prisoners so to end their sufferings."

After seven years in jail and a trial that lasted seven months, the Court of Rabat rendered sentences ranging from two year in jail to life imprisonment against these Sahrawi political prisoners. (SPS)