Association of Friends of the Saharawi People in France condemns Saharawi ambassador retention in Peru

Paris (France), Sept 13,2017 (SPS) - The Secretary General of the Association of Friends of the Saharawi People in France, Nicole Gasnier, considers that the retention of Saharawi ambassador Jadiyetu El Mojtar at the airport of the Peruvian capital Lima, a contradictory attitude to the practices that a democratic country should have, as well as the agreements that govern diplomatic work.


The association, in a letter issued Tuesday, condemned the her prevention from  entering the country on September 9, 2017, adding that Jadiyetu El Mojtar, is still being held at Jorge Chavez airport, without the Peruvian authorities gave explanations, according to the document of the charitable association with the Saharawi people.


Finally, the Secretary General urged the Saharawi ambassador to defend her right in free movement, as guaranteed by international law and conventions. SPS