Adala UK: send letter to President of Peru expressing concern over impedimentof Saharawi diplomats to entry Peru

London, Sept 12, 2017 (SPS) - The British NGO, Adala UK, expressed its concern over what happened to the Saharawi Ambassador Jadiyetu El Mojtar, who prevented from entering to Peru by the migration personnel.


In a letter to Peruvian President Kuçznski, British NGO Adala UK expressed "its astonishment at what happened to the Saharawi ambassador Jadiyetu El Mojtar since the night of 9 September when she landing on Peruvian territory,  migration personnel denied her access to the country, despite the fact that the Saharawi ambassador travels to Peru invited by the Senate of the Republic, other institutions and representatives of civil society.


In its letter to the Peruvian president, Adala added, "Peru, trusting that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of its country acts in accordance with international law and the agreements that his country has signed in the field of human rights and proceed accordingly so that it is allowed to enjoy free circulation within its territory and can comply with the programmed schedule.


Adding that "Ambassador Jadiyetu El Mojtar, whose mission is to disseminate with dignity the just cause of the Saharawi people who peacefully has made efforts on humans to achieve the right to self-determination, requesting the intervention of the President as Head of State in order to immediately grant free access to ambassador Jadiyetu El Mojtar and ensure the guarantees that she has the right to exercise as a diplomat. SPS