Sahrawi Students league takes part at Cuban Students Summer Program

Havana (Cuba) August 22, 2017 (SPS) - The league of Sahrawi Students in Cuba took part at the festivities of Summer Program for Cuban Youth and Students, which was launched in the Cuban capital of Havana with widespread international participation.


The youth camp is organized by the Cuban Institute for Friendship among Peoples in coordination with the Cuban Youth Federation and several student organizations, including the league of Sahrawi Students.


During the camp’s activities, the Sahrawi Embassy and the Sahrawi Student league briefed the attendees on the latest developments in the national issue and the reality of the Moroccan violations of human rights in the occupied territories, as well as the systematic looting of the desert natural resources.


The Summer Camp for Youth and Students marked also by the organization of several sports and cultural activities, it should be recalled. SPS